See Global Media provides Brands and their Advisers with exciting new brand integration opportunities, through sponsorship, co-branding, product placement and advertising and in community, wellbeing and social education cartoons, by Internet broadcast to a digital screen network in public places in a state-backed, public education program.

The media delivery platform, known as iMON, is sophisticated and unique, incorporating an innovative content delivery system with real time audience data and intelligent, automated planning, booking and payment mechanisms. Get data, campaign analytics and real audience like never before. The iMON network can deliver your media to hundreds of millions of Chinese, in 60 cities across 32 provinces.

Sponsored programming, in 21 categories, will reach high volume audiences in key community environments such as Retail, Entertainment, F&B and Commuting.

Heli Group is the community education content provider, based in Hong Kong and has involvement in the advertising, finance and technology industries.

iMON is the systems provider for content management and a driving force behind building and managing IP based screen networks in public and commercial places. The iMON business model meets the challenge of scale, effectively creating nationwide screen networks in large developing countries around the globe.

See Global Media is the international marketing partner and responsible for the marketing strategy of the business and in particular the commercial viability of the business, by monetisation through branded content, sponsorship and advertising.

Our product is branded community, wellbeing and social education content, presented in humorous cartoons and distributed via an Internet broadcast network delivered by dynamic media in high traffic locations.

Social responsibility, community and environment are themes which engage consumers with matters of interest to society and we present the opportunity for brands to be associated through branded content.

Multi-function Smartscreens harness attention and interactivity through QR codes, NFC augmented reality, gesture recognition and Wi-Fi, on iMON's national intuitive, analytical networked digital outdoor system.

The closest analogy of our is branded content which is an area of significant attention and growth for many brands. However this is not the whole story. See Global Media effectively is offering brands a partnering opportunity which will include branded content, sponsorship, advertising, brand activation and a host of other prospects for brand interaction with consumers, in contextual and relevant ways.

There are multiple unique benefits for sponsors. We deliver priority values which brands are seeking, including social responsibility, branded content, broadcast reach, mass audiences, high frequency, measurement and real-time capabilities.

Community education content will become embedded in society and consumer lifestyles giving brands the ability to be associated with the hearts and minds of their consumers.

Embed your media in a community development campaign.

The community education platform is essentially proprietary content, delivered by bespoke content management systems, over the Internet and then screened by a managed network of licenced operators.

A vital part of the business model is generating a dynamic communication network with scale because of the valuable content which SGM provides to the operators and the exclusivity of brand association within the community education programming.

Operators are provided with smart software, as refined and comprehensive as the best of any other system, globally. Operators also get engaging content, endorsed by Governments of developing markets.

In the next six months tens of thousands of screens will be switched on through China's iMON network. Will your business be a part of it?


See Global Media is the sole international distributor for advertising and sponsorship of Windows of Welfare, a public health campaign promoting good social and environmental values.

We are responsible for marketing to international brands, and for future licensing in markets beyond China.

The iMON system is backed by a joint venture with China's state-owned internet content compliance body, giving unprecented media reach in China.

Windows of Welfare is a JV involving four entities, each bringing specialised capability and adding value to the collective proposition.