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The community education platform is essentially proprietary content, delivered by bespoke content management systems, over the Internet and then screened by a managed network of licenced operators.

A vital part of the business model is generating a dynamic communication network with scale because of the valuable content which SGM provides to the operators and the exclusivity of brand association within the community education programming.

Operators are provided with smart software, as refined and comprehensive as the best of any other system, globally. Operators also get engaging content, endorsed by Governments of developing markets.

A host of other operational benefits, such as self-management, play-list reporting and analytics, ensure that there is ample supply of willing operators to recruit to the network. SGM can then selectively prioritise best quality and highest traffic locations, to suit the needs of the sponsors.

The media network is essentially made up of high quality digital displays in relevant places intersecting with people on the go. This audience is involved in activities of interest to brands, such as retail, transit & entertainment.

Intelligent systems generate granular data and viewer insights which ensure effective results and accountability. Imagine the benefit of being able to track real-time results of views for different campaigns and creative and make refinements in hours rather than weeks.

Analytics will allow optimisation of brand messages that can segment by audience and location profiles and even the time of day.
Content management software and the hardware systems have been deliberately planned with maximum functionality to take advantage of technologies including mobile, NFC, etc. However this functionality can be switched on and off, to only operate when needed and when the communication strategy or audience situations require it.

Future planning has been built into the business model, so there is a forward path of development which will see the addition of further channels (books, IPTV, product endorsements, etc.) and other opportunities for sponsors.

Licensees agree to operate under exacting conditions thereby ensuring quality and supporting the compelling opportunity that this program offers.