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Individual brands can undertake one or more categories. Each sponsored category will have branded content, sponsor messages, sponsors advertising and the opportunity for product placement embedded into the content.

Each category will have 18 separate cartoons within the single category theme. Each of the 21 categories is screened 3 times per day with 3 cartoons i.e. 9 per day. Therefore the full program of 18 cartoons per category will be repeated every 2-days. (Initially 9 cartoons have been created in each category, and will repeat daily).

The content is screened in 2-minute blocks and each block of 2 minutes will have 3 x 30-second cartoons for a single category and additional 30-seconds of sponsor message and advertising for a single brand. This is in addition to the fact that each 30-second cartoon is branded content, whereby the brand appears alongside the content plus product placement opportunities.

21 x 2-mins x 3-times daily makes up a total of 126 minutes each day. Individual sponsors will obtain 6-minutes of airtime per day, made up of a combination of branded content, sponsor recognition and advertising.

The network is made up from an average of not less than 2,000 screens pre city, in each of 60 cities, with 135,000 screens in total, providing national coverage.

Adjustments will be made during the roll-out period to ensure constant value for sponsors.

Contractual threshold is based on 5,000 screens installed and maintaining a minimum of 15,000 screens in the first 12-months:

  • Sponsors of a whole category ¬†get exposure 9 times a day, as static branded content adjacent to the cartoons, for 30-sec
  • Sponsors get a 6-second full screen acknowledgement 3 times a day at the start of each 2-minute block for that category
  • Sponsors get a full screen video advertisement either 9 times a day (taking an 8-sec slot after each of the 3 cartoons) or 6 times a day, (taking a 12-sec slot in the two breaks between 3 cartoons)
  • System-wide network of one category (6 mins/day) is offered as an annual package