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China Online – The stats that matter

05 May China Online – The stats that matter

It seems that many or perhaps most people outside of China have little knowledge about how important the internet has been to the growth and development of the country.  The say a picture is worth a thousand words ……so I hope this Infographic is with at least a Billion!!!!

The most significant numbers are the size and growth of online shopping.   Unlike the West the Chinese dont need to unlearn a lot of shopping habits as their disposable income grows and as such they have embraced Online Shopping at a rapid rate.  In a future post we will look at how important mobile online shopping is in China.

BUT……..They don’t waste their time on Social Media in China ……WRONG!!!

We all know how important Social Media has become and how much it is beginning to drive much of what we do and the way we think. But most people seem to have the impression that this is not the case in China … WRONG!  We may hear about blocking/banning Google, Facebook etc but there are heaps of equivalents in China with just as many or more dedicated users as this InfoGraphic shows:



What’s Whats 

By way of comparison this Chart provides a comparison of the Social Media landscape of the West with the China equivalents…..  As you will see there are no gaps it their use of Social Media in China is following a very similar path with a unique Chinese flavour added.





























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