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Unique Offerings


Our unique offering to Media Buyers, Brands and Agencies looking to build their Brands and Sales in the
world’s largest and fastest growing consumer market

We offer much more than the opportunity to advertise on a traditional Placed Based Digital Signage Network in China. Because the technology has been very recently developed from the ground up for the Android Platform, with the future in mind, the ‘Windows of China’ network can embrace all aspects of engaging with People on the move and out of the home.

The ‘Windows of China’ concept was developed by the Heli Group in consultation with various government authorities with a view to creating a new and unique channel to broadcast a range of welfare related messages in the form of cartoons.

The cartoons are based on social issues within the public forum both in China and in many countries (including India and Brazil) around the world. Heli clearly recognised the intrinsic value of this welfare theme when combined with product and service advertising. They also recognised that public welfare was one of the most successful forms of exposure for businesses keen to develop their brand image.

We have learned from the success Internet Advertising has enjoyed with Media Buyers and will deliver a Demand Side Platform to allow Advertisers/Media Buyers/Major Brands etc to plan, book, pay for and monitor campaigns directly interacting online with the system.

The system features include – Online real-time selection of advert length, audience location and reach, peak and off peak timing, run period, smart phone interaction, continuous budgeting and reporting.

Being Android based we have unlimited flexibility in terms of streaming live to screens, groups of screens or the entire network specific content which is relevant to the target audience.

In addition the system also provides ability to stream content live to any hand held Android device (phone or Tablet) . Streaming live content to Place based and hand held screens, is possible only because of the unique partnership arrangement with relationship with is the controlling authority for aired media, especially the Internet throughout China. The strategic partnership formed between and Heli Group provides Heli with a reliable, secure and direct Internet channel to operate ‘Windows of China’ with the support of the State Council Information Office and

The Network will reach across the length and breadth of China over the next three years with thousands of screens in 50 major cities.

The initial roll out in Beijing will see 8,450 screens in the City Media Network adopt the system in July/August and a further 11,000 cabled locations ready to install screens etc shortly after.

The cartoons comprise a series of 30 topics (inc Health, Safety, Environment, Education, Travel, Diet, Traffic, Charity and Community Support etc) with a minimum of 15 cartoons under each topic related to public welfare issues and will educate and entertain People on the move and out of the home.

A Comic Book now being published that is the first in a series to reinforce the welfare message through school children Given the educational value, we are seeking approval for inclusion on the government approved reading list for 200 million primary school children.

The “Hao” (Good) family of Cartoon Characters will become recognised throughout China and the world for their depiction in a range of over 450 cartoons that address a broad range of social issues relevant to most countries (especially our target markets inc India and Brazil).

A range of merchandise, a TV show and other activities are planned to increase the recognition influence of the cartoons.

Brands and businesses will sponsor cartoons and series of cartoons as a way to show their community support in China.

Alliances with Sony Music, Netflix MGM etc will see the latest music videos and movie trailers screened and available for download.

Plus the latest live Local News, Traffic and Weather reports from will be screened regularly throughout the day.

The hardware is state-of-the-art technology with its LED/LCD TV for greatly reduced energy use, Inbuilt Memory for data storage, Camera for continuous audit of viewing audience and identification of viewing audience type, Audio that is pressure activated to ensure continuous compensation for ambient noise levels. These features provide a range of other benefits that include Internet connection for secure operation, a separate connection for WiFi Hotspot and Power Charging for hand held devices.

The entire unit is encapsulated in a high security damage resistant housing that was designed in Denmark by a well known industrial designer with a long history in designing and developing this type of product for one of the worlds leaders in this field.

The screens will facilitate Augmented Reality, Gladvertising (recognise the the viewer gender, age and mood to tailor advertising specifically) and Gesture based applications that allow viewers to interact directly with the screen.

The technology will encourage out of home Internet shopping and allow stores to trade 24/7. For example a woman can look in a fashion store window at a screen which can then show her digitally how a outfit chosen by a way of the hand will look on her, measure her,charge her card and arrange delivery to her home while the store is closed.

The inbuilt free Internet WiFi Hotspot will allow access to registered users (enter name and Ph number) and also provide our clients with the opportunity to engage directly with consumers’ mobile devices with advertising, special offers, coupons etc.

We will use NFC and other related technologies e.g .Bluetooth, QR etc to enhance interaction and facilitate direct purchase and downloads for people on the the move.

With cameras and facial recognition built into each screen we are able to provide sophisticated analytics and market research to all of our clients.

Rather than rough estimates of passing traffic we will provide details of the numbers who look, how long they look for and the time of the day plus any interaction.

This will allow clients to not only audit the activity but analyse and fine tune their material.

Other features that will assist our clients include:

  • Controlled levels of access for Media Company, Media Buyer, Ad Agency, Media Company/Buyer and Ad Agency Clients, Cartoon Sponsor, Screen Sponsor and Direct Clients
  • Full audit reporting on screen selection and function, viewing audience, actual advert aired, playlist and timing, etc
  • Purpose built business interactive systems to suit particular business type networks with dual screen stands with outward screen facing passing traffic and inward screen for business interactive system use

‘Windows of China’ promotes social welfare and civilization by supporting and broadcasting government initiatives that are designed to create a more considerate and greener environment for future generations. It is agreed by all that the best way to influence public behavior is with humorous and easily understood stories that all ages can relate to, especially children who hold the destiny of a better and greener world.

‘Windows of China’ has created a new mode of public welfare; building life with happiness and greater certainty and is committed to constantly striving for excellence and the achievement of success in this paradigm shift.

All in all we will have the infrastructure and the technology supported by the highest relevant authorities in China combined with social welfare messaging to tailor a solution that will meet the branding, sponsorship, advertising needs of any client globally needing to reach people in the world’s most exciting new market.