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See Global Media is the sole international distributor for advertising and sponsorship of Windows of Welfare, a public health cartoon of Hao Familycampaign promoting good social and environmental values to a fast growing Chinese society.

See Global Media is responsible for marketing to international brands, and for future licensing in markets beyond China.

Heli Yida Cultural Media Company (Beijing) Limited is the China operation for the Hong Kong based Heli Group. In consultation with various government authorities, Heli is creating a new and unique channel to broadcast a range of welfare related messages in the form of cartoons.

Heli’s approach is rooted in the intrinsic value of community welfare themes combined with product and service advertising. Heli believe that public welfare is becoming one of the most popular forms of exposure for brands to connect with consumers.

The JV partners recognise the need for a flexible, intelligent and cohesive system that will provide the best functionality, audience data and real-time access. iMON systems do all of this and provide greater insight and transparency for optimum results.

iMON manages a network of Licensees, providing them with Heli Group social welfare content, software for content programming and IP platform via In return the network operators deliver broadcast of the content along with the sponsors’ identity, branded content, sponsor messages and advertising.

Heli Media Group’s iMON platform features augmented reality, gesture recognition, targeted audience reporting and remote campaign management and uses a national network of SmartScreens to bring the Hao Family’s welfare messages to a nationwide audience.

See Global Media works with strategic partner agencies and brands to ensure they gain optimum value, engagement and effect from association with the social welfare program content.

The Windows of Welfare network will grow rapidly in the first 3-years and See Global Media will assist strategic partner agencies and brands to develop with the system. See Global will extend first option rights to extend into additional media channels including character endorsements, brand activation, IPTV, and many other product extensions as they become available.

Strategic partner agencies and brands will also gain first option access to roll-out into other markets, including but not limited to India, Indonesia & Philippines.

Social responsibility, community and environment are themes core to Windows of Welfare branded content proposition and will engage consumers with matters of interest to society and SGM presents this opportunity to brands.